July 03, 2013

Food Review: Tea For Tù Perth

Anyone who's been to Perth will have heard of William Street in Northbridge. It's 'the city', and William Street has gradually grown to become famous for it's eclectic little shops, concept stores, art and cultural events. 

I regularly visit William Street for shopping and food, as it is home to many Pho restaurants and one of my favourite Hong Kong roast meat stalls. I buy my art supplies from The Butcher Shop (while saying hi to Frank, the William Street sun-bather), op-shop at Fi & co or Vinnie's for clothes and books, have coffee at Little Willy's or a burger at Flipside, even view some art along the streets or the small art  studios along the area.

So when I met up with an old friend from uni today, we chose to meet up at Tea For Tù, which is a new spot in William Street. Despite being new, Tea For Tù is actually an extension of the shop tù, a concept store selling hand-sourced items such as fashion, accessories, gifts and gift-wares. I have shopped there before, and so it was not a difficult decision to try out their new extension. 

Finding it is easy, as it is tucked away behind the store, and seating is contained to the back alleyway of William Street, al fresco.


Tea For Tù shares the same concept as the store itself, with its furniture and decor fitted out with interesting shelves, jars and furniture, their serving ware all uniquely different. They have a large tea selection from Seventh Duchess, which they also sell for private use - even providing a shelf of sample jars for you to have a sniff while you choose. (I was very interested in the little wooden bird house wedged in the corner of the cafe.)

As far as eats go, they serve a nice selection of small bites with a focus on French sweets from Choux, croissants, madeleines, slices of cake, macaroons, tarts. They also serve toasted sandwiches and soup, which sounds lovely for a quick winter lunch.


While I waited for my friend, I enjoyed a delicious butterscotch macaroon, a slice of warm orange cake and chose a pot of Orange Pekoe tea. 

I loved the tea, which needed no milk or sugar, flavourful and delicate, pairing perfectly with my slice of cake. I normally have coffee, and I was sorely tempted to enjoy my regular soy latte, but I am trying to cut down on my caffeine intake so I took a while to decide which tea I wanted to try. All their teas smelled lovely and delicious, but I have a soft spot for Pekoe. (Also, Pekoe is just an adorable word.)

The butterscotch macaroon was my favourite, crisp shell, light and not overtly-sweet. Most of the macaroons I have ever eaten tend to have very sweet fillings, but despite being a butterscotch macaroon it was delicately flavoured, with a slight bite of saltiness, almost similar to salted caramel. 

I have heard that Tea For Tù also served giant macaroons, but I didn't see any today. One day I will have to try one of those, and perhaps a new tea from their selection! 


Back in Singapore I used to frequent an establishment in the city for tea with my mother and sister on weekends. Tea For Tù reminds me of that space - unpretentious, quiet and peaceful for a catch up or to have some alone time, little bites between a shopping day, pretty tea cups and simple, clean architecture. Me and my friend had a lovely time chatting over tea, having not met up with each other in almost a year!

All in all, I think this is a lovely spot, which won't stay secret for very long. It's cosy and quiet, and I can see myself returning to do some writing or reading over a pot of beautiful tea in Perth's sunny winter afternoons.

Tea For Tù can be located at: 

218A William Street
Northbridge, WA
Tel: (08) 9227 7628


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