July 16, 2013

Lush Australia (3)

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Behold, it is yet another Lush review. 

I have recently started to notice increasingly dry skin on my arms and legs, which really gets irritated when I'm at the gym, and especially now that I have started taking up Bikram yoga. Sweating and heat only further agitates itchy, dry skin, two things that I really cannot afford to be distracted by when I am trying to exercise. 

So today, while I was on my way to the post office, I accidentally stumbled into Lush and picked up two things: 

The first of these two things would be the BIG Sea Salt Shampoo


Yes, I know. I said I needed something for my dry/itchy skin, this is shampoo! I figured I might as well try a new liquid shampoo since my solid shampoo bar is almost thinning out (they do last a while but it's just a smidgen now).

As we all know by now, I have flat hair, especially when my scalp acts up and gets really oily. So this helps with a bit of lift, adding volume and it smells like the sea. It actually does contain sea water, but doesn't actually have a smell like brine or seafood, but more of a clean, salted scent, almost undetectable when you get scrubbing. 

Speaking of scrubbing, this shampoo will scrub. Those lumps you see are actual bits of sea salt - a little weird at first but works both as an exfoliator for your scalp and a clarifying agent for your hair. It can get drying, and give you squeaky hair, but if you condition after shampooing, this will probably not be too much of an issue as it works really well with conditioners. This actually works better for me than my solid bar, leaving me with softer, livelier hair that's less tangled, but knowing my unhealthy obsession with Lush products something else might come along later. 

The other item would be Ro's Argan Body Conditioner


While I was trying out (smelling) different sorts of body wash at the shop, I found myself attracted to this body conditioner, mainly due to its scent. Initially I didn't even pay any attention to it as it didn't fit into any category - it's neither moisturiser nor body wash. 

 In fact, it is both

This is good stuff, you guys. It smells absolutely delicious, and is one of the products that have a lingering scent so you will smell delightful for ages. You will smell like vanilla, roses and strawberry jam. Your bathroom will smell like vanilla, roses and strawberry jam. You will never stop smelling your skin, and wondering how its possible that just one wash with this beautiful creation can leave your skin soft and moisturised within every inch of its life. 

If you need a break from dry skin, this will solve your problems. If you, like me, don't like to apply moisturiser or always forget to after showering, this will do both for you. If you need a bodywash/moisturiser/perfume combination that actually leaves you smelling absolutely amazing for hours - this will fulfil that requirement. 

Please do yourself a favour - buy yourself a tub of Ro's Argan and see the genius combination of body wash and moisturiser made into one. 

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