August 14, 2013

Food Review: Little Creatures Fremantle, Perth

If you are Australian, or you know anything about Australia, you know they love their alcohol. They are not alcoholics (not all of them), but they are very much in love with their alcohol, and have a large local industry for alcohol as well. Pub food and a pint after work is pretty much the norm here, or on weekends, or during a bbq. 

Need to go to someone's place for a meal or a visit? Buy a six pack of beer or cider, a bottle of wine, and you'll be set. Want to know which beer or cider goes with chips or a lamb burger, or which wine from Margaret River is the best? Ask anyone who's having the same thing as you, and you'll find yourself in a friendly discussion that will last forever. 

So we went to Little Creatures today for lunch, where their very extensive establishment also houses their brewery. 


I was very pleased to have a seat outside in the sun,  in a lovely and quiet atmosphere. The last time I visited Little Creatures it was a weekday night, so it was understandably noisy and crowded. I did not enjoy myself, and as a result could not enjoy my food as well. I didn't hate it, but I never went back - till now.

This time though, it was perfect. Being here on a weekday afternoon meant there were little tourists, less people, and a lot of blessed silence for me to have lunch conversations over a pint and some grub.

I like cheese. I also like the idea of grilling it - but know that grilled haloumi does not result in a melting cheese centre, but more of a chewy, squeaky texture. It's slightly springy, with a slight crisp and the tang of lemon and herbs.  I have never had haloumi cheese on its own, only ever in a salad or as a side dish, but this was done well. 

Good for a starter to share, as it starts up the appetite, and is always a conversation starter. Not a lot of people bother ordering cheese as a starter, but I would recommend this if anyone hasn't tried it before.

I think it's apparent by now that me and my lunch buddy make it a point to order frites if they are on the menu in any form. Hand cut frites, or chips, freshly fried with the skin on, crisp with sea salt and some sauce, is always good for me. 

It was also a huge serving, and we couldn't finish the whole bowl!

This serving of nachos was huge, with heaps of components piled onto crispy corn chips - jalapenos, salsa, guacamole, chilli beef and sour cream. Even though it was overwhelming, it all worked well together as a dish - not the best nachos around, but lovely as a shared dish with your friends over some beer or cider. 

I could not find anything to complain about, even though the food was not spectacular, it was not unacceptable, especially when I have all these food over some lunch conversation on a quiet afternoon, laughing at seagulls and just being able to take our time for lunch. 

Service was lovely, the waiters and waitresses were obviously relaxed and having a good day. We were even complimented heavily as we were getting our ID check at the entrance - well engaged in conversations and fully capable of anticipating our needs, it reaffirmed my belief that if I were to come back to Little Creatures, it would definitely be on a quiet weekday afternoon. 

Little Creatures can be located at:
40 Mews Road

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