August 03, 2017

Perth is OK

Every year, I take a sort of home-coming trip to Perth with my mother, as a break in the middle of the year from work and a girls' trip. 

This year I told myself I would commemorate it with a blog post I could look back on next year, to remind myself to visit again. If not for the food, then for the friends I still have there, and the memories I keep safely in Perth's winter air and rain. I am not a tourist when I am in Perth - I am simply back home. 

We also got a great deal on our flights this year too, with my very clever mother using her mileage points to swap us a pair of two-way Business class seats on Singapore Airlines; our nation's pride and joy in the sky. Since it was a new(er) plane, we made full use of the Book the Cook function to order us the most Asian of all breakfasts - the Nasi Lemak. 

It's difficult to avoid coffee in most parts of Australia, and Perth is no different in terms of cafe culture. Visiting in the winter meant more opportunities for me and my mother to take a breather in the fresh air over a fresh cup - you will find plenty of nooks and crannies for this purpose, like Eillo, a clever shop which also serves bites and drinks. 

They also serve their coffees with a Hello Panda cookie which is adorable. 


218 William Street, Northbridge 
Mon - Fri, 730AM to 6PM 
Sat - Sun, 8AM to 5PM 
420 757 321 

Big breakfast from Cioccolato Espresso, a favourite (and repeated) haunt of ours in the cool district of Applecross. Anything you might need or never knew you needed from a breakfast plate, from thick bacon, charred tomatoes to house stewed beans on toast.

They also serve lunch and desserts, all of which I guarantee you, there will be no guilt in consuming. I particularly love their bottle of lemon and ginger tonic, which was very effective in relieving my holiday-flu symptoms.

Cioccolato Espresso:

31 Ardross Street, Applecross
Mon - Fri, 630AM to 4PM
Sat - Sun, 7AM to 4PM
8 9364 2299

Lavender Bistro is a new find for us, and while we didn't stay for lunch, we dropped in for a lavender shop over some tea and a delicious scoop of lavender ice cream.

I recommend this if you ever decide to visit Swan Valley for a short road trip, it's exceptionally lovely for those who enjoy the aromatherapy of lavender flowers over high tea or a purple themed meal. They actively try to incorporate lavender into their ingredients, so it's worth a try.

Lavender Bistro: 

6 Cranleigh Street, West Swan 
Mon - Sun, 9AM to 5PM
8 9250 7711 

If you have nothing to do late in the night and crave for sweets, Greens & Co is the place to drive to - You won't miss it - they have a beautifully large space decked out in bright lanterns and decorated walls, and a fridge stuffed full of beautiful cakes which change daily. Ironically, my favourite is the lime tart. 

Leederville is also an amazing place to visit for independent shops, whether day or night. 

Greens & Co: 

123 Oxford Street, Leederville 
Mon - Sun, 6AM to 12AM
8 9444 4093 

Ciao Italia's famously generous servings of Italian grub, from pastas to pizzas and everything in between. I only ever have the Rigatoni alla Buongustaia, tubes of pasta tossed with mushrooms, peas and italian sausage in a perfect pink sauce of tomato and cream. Perfect, on point, and delicious with every visit I am here - if you're not impressed by the food, you will be impressed by the 100% consistency in every plate that comes out the kitchen.

Wash it all down with a steel bowl of cozze pomodoro, or the better known Chilli Mussels, fragrantly spiced with garlic tomatoes in a sort of stew-soup seafood broth, steaming open unctuously fat mussels.

Ciao Italia: 

273 Millpoint Road, South Perth (corner of Douglas Avenue)
Tues - Sat, 5 to 10PM
9368 5500

39/88 Broadway, Nedlands (Corner of Caporn Street)
Tues - Sat, 5 to 930PM
9389 6689

For more, read my post here.

The rest are pretty much miscellaneous photos, all of which will be a treat to try out.

Jus Burgers: 

743 Newcastle Street, Leederville 
Mon - Sun, 1130AM to 9PM
8 9228 2230 

Recommended items: House-made onion rings, Pommy Burger, Cheeserburger Royale, Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger.

Seoul Buffet Korean BBQ & Steamboat: 

253A William Street, Northbridge 
Mon - Sun, 6 to 10PM 
8 9328 2398 

For more, read my post here.

The Cool Room: 

2/114 Holland Street, Fremantle
Thurs - Sun, 8AM to 3PM
422 039 482

Recommended items: Nutmeg spinach with goats cheese, Big Brekky, Cauliflower soup.

Ending it off with a not-for-sale item, our daily in-house breakfast, full of the good stuff Australia is best known for. Fresh fruits, yoghurt, good coffee, organic juices.

Questions? Protests? Mindless banter? Comment away!

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