April 19, 2012


I drove over to Tay's place, and we had a gorgeous time just catching up while making some rather ridiculous looking chocolate chip muffins with generic pink frosting. We later decided that frosting muffins was a silly idea and just ate the easter eggs and muffins separately.

After we were recovering from the sugar rush we made a trip down to the nearby dog beach, so Diva and Donnie could get some running out of their system. 

We had a lovely time walking around the beach, watching the dogs run in and out of the tide and eventually losing the tennisballs anyway. 

We even found our way to the old powerhouse - and realised that it was not as mysterious as it appeared, judging from the amount of people doing photo-shoots around for bands and shooting the breeze on the roof.

The sun went down and we left with two tuckered out dogs, got some maccas on our way back to Tay's place - and ended up feeding most of our fries to the dogs anyway.

I think it was a pretty fabulous day.

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