May 08, 2012

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

I've recently procured a typewriter.

I've wanted one for a little over a year now, but I've never actually been able to find one that would be in good condition and be affordable enough for a university student with a relatively limited budget. Plus my mom laughed at me when I told her about getting me a typewriter.

All I know, was that they were awesome (Freidrich Nietzsche and Ernest Hemingway loved using these things), and I'd like to think that I can at least share the same affection for typewriters with some of my favourite writers in the world. Also, my grand-dad used to use one, according to mom, and I'd like to show mine to him one day.

I got mine off gumtree for about 90 bucks, most typewriters get sold on ebay or etsy sites nowadays, but you really need to make sure it's in proper working order and the ribbon is still inked. I heard from somewhere that if you spray a little something (WD40?) on the ribbon it'll get the ink moist and working again - I haven't actually tried this yet. So really source out, take your time and do some research about which model works for you. Most people can't go wrong with an Olivetti or a Remington, and ladies, some Royal models even come in the most beautiful pastel colours!

So here's my baby, a Remington portable deluxe. Not very portable, weighing a little under 5kg. Came to me clipped into it's own leather case, and a little stack of documents inside, big plus on the vintage touches in this purchase.

I haven't actually gotten anything to type it on, except my old trunk. But if i decide to do a bit of typing while I'm in front of the telly i normally just put it on top of my stack of Frankie and Lula magazines!

Lovely things.

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