July 30, 2013

Food Review: Burger Bistro/Java Juice (CBD) Perth

Last week I posted a food review with a quote from Anthony Bourdain regarding the issue of having a burger with a pink middle. I am of the firm belief that if you are having a good quality burger, it has to be able to be served with the option of being pink in the middle of the patty. This, to me, is not only just a mark of confidence regarding the meat quality that is put in the patty (no mystery meat), and it also makes it taste so much better. 

Cue Burger Bistro, a burger joint I rave about all the time. Almost anyone who visits me in Perth, will be brought here, will request a second visit, and it's not just for the burgers. 


As you know by now, the patties sold in Burger Bistro are fresh-made in store, from CAAB (Certified Australian Angus Beef). They are never frozen, which is why they are confident serving it to customers pink in the middle. Their Spelt Sourdough burger buns are from New Norcia Bakery, which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. 

I could go on about the issue of burgers being pink in the middle, because there will always be people who cannot stand it or will ask for it to be well-done. Personally, when this happens in my burger I feel a flutter in my heart (and stomach) that is akin to affection. 

Our lunch for the day started with some chips to share: 


I am infinitely in love with their chips at Burger Bistro. I don't even know what they do with it, but for some reason they are lovely and lightly crisp, beautifully hot and soft within. They are also very generous about their portions of chips (only once have I ever ordered a Large bowl and that was shared by three ravenous women), and their sauces are insane. I am loyal to their garlic mayo and tomato relish, which I suspect are made fresh as well but I don't even care.

Get their chips. You can't have a burger without chips, it's blasphemy.

My lunch buddy, in her usual fashion got a chicken burger:

I won't review her burger, but she was very happy. Obscenely happy. She also really appreciated that they put a sauce in the burger that actually compliments the chicken and bacon, which apparently doesn't happen a lot in chicken burgers.

My burger, in all its glory:

Aptly named The Captain America (be still, my Upset-I-Missed-Comic-Con heart), my burger is a majestic tower of food-porn, dripping with mustard and burger juice, crunchy pickles and salty, sharp cheddar cheese, all snugly enveloped in the standard sourdough buns like a package of messy, delicious, succulent love. 

The main focus of this burger, is of course the beef patty. It is a thick, beautifully seared beef patty, where I could taste the quality of the beef. Everything in the burger compliments the beef patty, even the redundancy of tomato sauce (I don't care for tomato sauce or tomato slices in burgers).


So, if you are ever in need of a good burger, albeit a relatively expensive one, Burger Bistro will hit the spot. Please get their chips, so I can know that I am actually not insane.

Also I saw their advertisement today, which is apparently Ryan Gosling.

As we did last week, we went in search of some dessert after burgers, and we decided to get some frozen yoghurt from Java Juice.

It's a pretty straightforward system, and common to most frozen yoghurt kiosks - self served, add your own toppings, it will be weighed and priced. In terms of price, Java Juice is more on the expensive scale, my original flavoured frozen yoghurt with just chopped nuts cost me $12.80.


On the other hand, my lunch buddy got a combination of coconut and chocolate frozen yoghurt with chocolate toppings, and she liked the coconut. I really love original frozen yoghurt, or fruit frozen yoghurt, so the price didn't bum me out as much. 

Also, Java Juice had chopped Maltesers as a toppings choice, which is always a plus to many (To me).

Fear not, I shall be reviewing more than burgers and frozen yoghurt, but for now, please go out and try a burger that consists of a burger patty which is pink in the middle, especially if you have never tasted one before. Let me know if you love it or hate it!

Burger Bistro can be located at three spots: 

Shafto Lane 
Perth CBD
9485 1729

Oxford Street
9443 5881 

Adelaide Terrace
9225 5884

The Burger Bistro on Urbanspoon

Java Juice can be located at: 

810 Hay Street 
Perth CBD

Java Juice on Urbanspoon

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